OPEN recruits highly qualified profiles on Viadeo.


OPEN employs more than 3,000 people and positions itself as an important player in advising large corporations on improving digital performance and transforming their information systems.  OPEN is ranked among the leading French digital services companies.  It provides three main services: Consulting, Application Engineering and Infrastructure Services.

To sustain its organic growth objectives, OPEN aims to welcome more than 600 new team members in 2013 while sticking ever more closely to the know-how, trades and technological issues of its clients.

OPEN has very specific hiring needs.  From potential recruits, the company requires not only technical expertise, but also knowledge of the trade and good people skills.

OPEN started using social media very early on as part of its hiring strategy to better connect with a new generation of  potential candidates.

OPEN selected Viadeo, the traditional leader in social media recruitment solutions, to reach strategic candidates absent from standard talent databases.

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