On 30 September, Viadeo, the leading Professional Social Network (PSN) in France and China, announced that the company’s member base had passed the nine million mark in France.

Beyond reinforcing Viadeo’s status as the leading PSN in France by bringing the landmark total of 10 million members ever-closer, this achievement illustrates the network’s strong growth dynamic, which has been driven by a series of developments within the mobile department.

A key factor in the company’s constant growth since the network’s creation has been Viadeo’s multi-local approach, which aims to ensure that developments are in line with the specific needs of the job market in each particular region. This unique strategy has been implemented with great success on an international level, with the Viadeo network recording sustained growth in China and Africa in particular.

Elsewhere, Viadeo’s dynamism has been further boosted by a recent surge in mobile usage, an area of strategic development for the company and an area that has recently received a major technological overhaul. This summer, the PSN recorded unprecedented usage levels on mobiles, with 52% of identified users logging in via a smartphone or tablet in August.

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