This month, Armée de Terre takes pride of place in our company of the month feature with a Company Page that demonstrates how Viadeo can play an integral role in your employer branding and recruitment strategies.

Armée de Terre is the largest component of the French Armed Forces and has 100,000 land-based soldiers who protect civilians and neutralize enemy forces on contact. The company recruits roughly 10,000 young people each year through French Armed Forces recruitment and information center CIRFA and is on the lookout for qualified candidates to fill senior positions, particularly noncommissioned officer roles.

The company wanted to develop their employer brand while addressing young people and, as such, the use of digital marketing represented a vital part of the process. For them, Viadeo offered a perfect solution due to the way it performs the dual role of providing both “a social network, bringing together a community and allowing them to interact, and a HR site, filled with job seekers.”

From there, it was only natural that Armée de Terre would choose to set up a Company Page to share information, updates, and job offers.

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Their Company Page includes three tabs:

– The Overview tab, which Armée de Terre use to share daily updates and important information from their industry.

– The Career & Jobs tab, which displays vacant posts as well as photos and videos of daily life with the army.


The Discussions tab, which Armée de Terre say represents a kind of “dedicated forum for dialogue and exchange” and which allows Viadeo members to take part in discussions, post messages, photos, and videos, and read testimonials from soldiers.

“Viadeo allows us to reach young people interested in the paths we offer,” the company explained. “Since the start of 2014, they have directed 336 young people to our jobs site at” Since then, one quarter of those young people have applied for a role via CIRFA.

Finally, Armée de Terre and Viadeo also regularly take the time to evaluate results, address potential areas of improvement, and discuss new features that could be added, and this supporting role is something that Armée de Terre have labelled as indispensable.

Click here to take a look at Armée de Terre’s Company Page.

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