As we enter September, Viadeo’s product team brings you a new feature for the Viadeo Recruiter platform in the form of their new statistics tool.

While Viadeo Recruiter already offered users the ability to search for talent, create candidate pools, share job offers, and manage the applications you receive, this new feature provides access to a statistics page specifically designed to track the performance of your company’s Viadeo Recruiter account. The tool can be accessed by account administrators.

On the Statistics page, simply select a particular time period and you are ready to review and extract figures relating to the following:

  • Your published job offers – visits, applications received, redirects to your site.
  • Actions carried out by recruiters linked to your company’s Viadeo Recruiter account – number of job offers published, messages sent, searches carried out, etc.


Summary of job offer response stats

Capture-Stats Angl1

Summary of total actions carried out by each user

CaptureStats Angl2CaptureStats Angl3

By placing your cursor over the table, a detailed explanation of each figure will be shown. It is also possible to export the tables in various formats (CSV, TSV).

For more information, feel free to get in touch with your account manager or contact us directly.

Sign in to your Viadeo Recruiter account to check out your statistics here.

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