With “Job Meetups”, Viadeo has reaffirmed the company’s desire to promote interpersonal interaction by launching a new communication platform that brings members of the network together based on their jobs. It is an ideal solution for both recruiters and members looking to develop their skills in order to take their career in a new direction.

By signing up to “Job Meetups”, professionals can increase their visibility among their peers and, above all, among potential recruiters. For their part, meanwhile, recruiters gain access to a pool of potential candidates and can interact with each of them via private messages.

“The standard hiring process is completely overhauled. Recruiters can now reach members who have expressed their medium to long-term personal goals in a given trade,” explains Alexandre Roucher, Product Manager.


In France, 85% of jobs created come from VSBs/SMBs but not all of these companies have access to Human Resources services. Despite this absence, however, they still represent a considerable presence on social networks, primarily thanks to their employees.

“Job Meetups” gives these recruiters the opportunity to reach and interact with the 80% of Viadeo members who are not actively looking for a new job but who still follow the job market.

While this tool is not designed to meet the needs of large-scale hiring, it allows VSEs/SMEs to enter the world of social hiring with a tool that is both easy to use and free at the outset.


“This new feature gives our members the chance to uncover hiring opportunities and to connect in a different context – that is, between professionals sharing the same interests. With “Job Meetups”, we decided to create a space designed specifically for these exchanges that did previously take place in various group discussions, but weren’t used to their full potential,” adds Olivier Fécherolle, Viadeo’s Chief Strategy and Development Officer.

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