They work with Viadeo

  • « Viadeo has a huge presence in the French market and has simultaneously increased the volume and quality of our hires. »

    Marlène Escure
    Head of Recruitment

    Gfi recruits and communicates on Viadeo
  • « Viadeo allows us to contact professionals that we couldn’t reach any other way. It’s an indispensable tool. »

    Johanne Fournier
    Recruiting assistant

    Vulcain Ingenierie: Hiring experienced profiles on Viadeo
  • « The direct approach through Viadeo has been our greatest success. Using this method, we’ve been able to recruit experienced, qualified profiles. »

    Christophe Debray
    founding Director

    ITalent: 50% of hires coming from Viadeo
  • « Generally, we discard more than 80% of the applications we receive but that figure is just 40% for applications coming from Viadeo. »

  • « The people hired thanks to Viadeo are giving us  a lot of satisfaction. Viadeo fully meets our standards of quality for new talent. »

    Laurent Benazera
    Director of Recruitment and Diversity

    OPEN recruits highly qualified profiles on Viadeo
  • « We appreciate how relevant the Viadeo Recruiter search engine is.  It’s helped us improve the quality of our talent, and it’s adapted to our needs.  We like how responsive this tool is and how easily you can get in touch with candidates after the initial message. »

    Ségolène Labbé
    Human Resources Executive

    ECP recruits in the French provinces thanks to Viadeo Recruiter
  • « Viadeo members are highly reactive and easy to reach. As part of our global recruiting organization,  Viadeo allows us to recruit faster and more efficiently. Viadeo helps us find all sorts of profiles in Morocco and abroad. »

    Camilia Ben Brahim
    HR Business Partner

    Méditel looks to target new recruits on Viadeo
  • « I’m very satisfied with the collaboration between IFOCOP and Viadeo. The Viadeo team is energetic and proactive, and always keep us informed of new Viadeo solutions to help us gain visibility. »

    Françoise Dael
    Marketing and Communications Manager

    IFOCOP promotes its training programs on Viadeo

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