Viadeo has experience constant growth since its creation and has now reached the mark of 8 million members just in France, thus consolidating its position of local leader among professional social networks. This success is not restricted to France, with Viadeo announcing 17 million members in China and 55 million members worldwide.

Viadeo has established itself as an indispensable platform that brings advice and opportunities to job searchers. Recent partnerships signed with Orange, Apec and French employment agency Pôle Emploi reflect Viadeo’s strategy of democratizing online professional social networks.

Viadeo is no longer the exclusive choice of a few important cities or überconnected professionals.  In France, 65% of members live in the provinces, a percentage which should remain high thanks to the signature last July of a partnership with CCI France, the federation of French regional chambers of commerce and industry, which will help business owners all around the country receive training in the use of digital tools.

Viadeo continues to expand internationally by following its vision of a network tailored to the usages and expectations of local markets.

This multi-local strategy has carried Viadeo to the leading position in China, where 17 million members now subscribe to Viadeo, and in French-speaking Africa and the Maghreb, where the current 3 million members pave the way for further continental development.

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