Since September, Viadeo has been offering a free 2-month Premium membership trial to 20 million Orange subscribers, after which Orange customers can sign up to Viadeo for a preferential rate with no obligation.  As a bonus, Viadeo’s app will be pre-installed on all Orange-branded smartphones

The goal is to democratize usage of professional social networks.  Viadeo aims to help its users boost their careers and find career opportunities thanks to the power of their network.  The Premium offer opens up even more doors to professionals thanks to its advanced features like seeing who visited one’s profile, using the advanced search, accessing all member profiles or posting event announcements.  Business owners can find partnerships, open up new markets or recruit top talent.

Through this partnership, Viadeo shows its deep commitment to boosting employment, entrepreneurship and a vibrant economic environment in France.  Vivek Badrinath, deputy CEO of Orange in charge of innovation, technology and customer experience, says: “85% of net job gains in Europe come from small and very small business*.  This novel partnership between Orange and Viadeo contributes to foster entrepreneurship in France and soon in other countries.”

Starting in October, Viadeo will set up public training sessions for Orange customers as well as specific training for B2B usage of Viadeo for Orange pro customers.

*European Commission

Find out more: http://www.orange-innovation.tv/fr/viadeo

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