Viadeo has been helping Apec’s young graduates and managers make the most of social networking since 2009. Apec is France’s leading job board for executives.

This year, Viadeo is offering 3 months of free Premium membership to people being coached by Apec consultants. Apec has noticed a marked increase in social network usage among young executives and graduates, especially for professional purposes.

These membership plans give users access to all of Viadeo’s features, letting them grow their network while getting in touch with companies that are hiring.


In this day and age, where people go through several companies over the course of their careers, maintaining solid business relationships is key. Current clients and colleagues may one day become future bosses or the stepping stones to a new career,” posits Olivier Fécherolle, Viadeo’s Chief Strategy Officer. He believes there is still “a lot to be learned” on how social networking can be used to advance people’s careers.

Nearly 50,000 young executives and graduates will benefit from this partnership by receiving free Viadeo Premium accounts.

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